Welcome to Splendorchic!

Welcome to Splendorchic where you'll find the most lovable apparel and gifts! We're so excited to share these magnificent products with you. 

Splendorchic is an online retail and gift shop that serves all of your splendid needs. We are a black owned business that specializes in original African-American designs.

We wanted to create a brand that is exuberant and brilliant. At the same time, we want it to be joyful and exciting. When we think of the word splendor we feel radiant and gorgeous, so we wanted to create a brand that will make people feel the same way.

As a brand, we value creativity, passion, joy, integrity and pride. Creativity is the core value of our business. Without passion there is no vision. Our mission is to bring you joy through our brand. We stand by our standards and practices, which you can find in our terms of service. Lastly, we take pride in our images, creations and products. We hope you will be proud to wear our brand.


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