Guest Artist Ebony Perry

We'd like to introduce you to our guest artist, Ebony Perry. She is the sister of our founder, Jamaica Perry.


She received her Bachelors of the Arts in Theatre Arts from Clark Atlanta University. Ebony currently lives in Los Angeles, California where she pursues her acting career as well as many inspiring endeavors.


We asked Ebony some questions on her latest project with us.


SC: What inspired you to create Chicy Girl?


EP: I've been wanting to create images that looked like me since I can remember. I came up with Chicy Girl to expose black women with more images that looked like them.


SC: How long have you been drawing/painting?


EP: I've been painting ever since I was a young girl. At the age of 10 my mother encouraged me to pursue art as well as acting, so she enrolled me in classes at the local Arkansas Arts Center.


SC: Why do you draw/paint?


EP: It gives me peace and brings me joy. It relaxes me, and makes me feel good.


SC: How do you work?


EP: I like to setup a quiet and serene place to draw and paint, preferably with a view. I mostly work on my patio. There's a lot of nature surrounding me like flowers, trees and plants so this brings out all of the butterflies and humming birds. Having natural light is truly the best way to work. But it's really not work for me. It's a lot of fun.


SC: How do you balance your time drawing/painting with other commitments?


EP: I do it to relieve stress from commitments like work. It really is a part of my self care routine.


SC: What does your artwork represent?


EP: My artwork represents my culture and my background and everything that surrounds me. It's a reflection of my life, the things I see, and the things I feel.



SC: What is your dream project?


EP: My dream project is to work on a piece inspired by my dad. He has this mystery like appeal to him that I think would be interesting for people to see.


SC: What's next to come for you?


EP: I'm not sure what's next for me. I'd really like to do some traveling and see what inspires me.


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